Democratize Creativity

“Democratize Creativity: A Middle Finger in The Shape of Words to Whoever Told You That You Are Not Creative Enough” is half satire, half social observation. It is meant to make us laugh, reflect and rethink creativity, the creative industry, and humanity as a whole.

To better encapsulate the ethos of this literary piece, I shall leave you with its blurb:

“This book is a verbal middle finger to whoever decided to split humanity into “creatives” and “non-creatives.”

To the archaic, geriatric, exclusivist art institutions and advertising moguls who might be and probably are responsible for this, I only have one thing to say to you: how dare you? How dare they let us believe that creativity is yet another categorical binary? Have they not yet realized that binaries are only popular in mathematical matters, American politics, and color blocking? Some of the most creative people roaming the streets of this tough cookie of a world are completely unaware of how creative they actually are.

Contrastingly, some of the most creatively-aware beings walk around sometimes forgetting to look outside of their isolating creative social bubbles for inspiration and most importantly, for collaboration. Creativity is not a “member’s only” club, so let’s stop treating it like it. Let’s redefine it. Let’s desegregate it. Let’s democratize it.”

Client: Personal Project / Essen International

Role: Author, Creative Direction


Design and Art Direction by Sara Julia Svensson
Published by Agentur Brauer