Varier is an iconic furniture company based in Oslo, Norway. They basically revolutionized the way we think about ergonomics back in the 1970s. Today, In an era where our lives have become more and more sedentary, it is our responsibility to listen to the needs of our bodies. And, what our bodies want is to move. Therefore, Varier has spent decades designing chairs that invite us to follow the desires of our bodies and invite us to move while we sit.

Varier might be selling chairs, but what they are really about is the business of body-mind awareness and healthy living. That is their true inspiration. For this branding project, I worked closely with the Barkas and Varier teams to recreate all the content in their analog and digital brand book and catalog.

Client: Varier

Role: Copywriting

Agency: Barkas


Design and Creative Direction by Barkas
Brand Strategy by Viktor Agaton