A Poetic Lesson on Black Anatomy

Blackness is hard to summarize. It has many meanings, nuances, and tones. Blackness is intrinsically poetic and diasporic. It is always shifting and transforming, it is never static, and never one-sided.

This project is an ode to Blackness, specifically to Black Anatomy. Black bodies take so many different shapes, shades, and forms, and yet they all share mystical, ancestral poetry. Throughout the course of modern history, Black bodies have been reduced to stereotypes, but they are much more complex than superficial generalizations.

“A Poetic Lesson on Black Anatomy” intends to serve as a new glossary to describe the Black Body through poetic imagery and words. It is an invitation for self-exploration and self-determination. A giant leap from the days when Black bodies were placed on podiums to be observed, experimented on, and analyzed by the gaze of Western colonizers.


Directed and written by Denisse Ariana Pérez
Cinematography by Álvar Riu Dolz
Art Direction by Alexander Venndt
Movement Direction by Luiz Felipe Lucas
Narration by Makeda (Meme Gold) Carayol
Music by Reuben James
Set Design by Cristina Ramos
Produced by Falca
With support from URTH, Atmos, Probation, Homecoming, and Open Doors Gallery