“I keep coming back to water scenes. I keep coming back to rivers and lakes. I keep coming back to oceans. I like to explore the interaction of people with water. Water can disarm even the most armed of facades. Becoming one with water is not about rushing but rather about flowing. And flowing is the closest thing to being.”

This large ongoing body of work has taken me through different corners of the world on an aquatic pilgrimage, from the cold waters of Scandinavia to the pink rivers of Senegal. In these versatile waters, I have captured men, women, siblings, people living with albinism, and non-binary beings. Through my images, I aim to showcase people through a more sensible and sensitive lens, one that shows nuance, vulnerability, and movement.

This series is the foundation of my first monograph titled AGUA.


Casting and styling by Denisse Ariana Pérez.