Albinism, Albinism

“Albinism, Albinism” is an ongoing photographic project. The series is meant to capture the beauty of boys born with albinism – an absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair. It is meant to create awareness through beauty, highlighting its subjects rather than portraying them as victims.

The first edition of the series was shot in Tanzania, a country with a history of violence, murder, and segregation against albinos. The second edition of the series was shot in Uganda and the third presented here was shot in Senegal in January 2020. Like in Uganda, albinos in Senegal face a bit less social segregation yet still have no proper access to healthcare or well-paid jobs. The boys featured here are members of an NGO which helps other albinos living in Senegal to access education and they aim to normalize the perception of albinos through more representation.