ELA Restobar

The concept behind ELA is rooted in the spirit of the Mediterranean table. The Mediterranean table is not just about food. It is about an exchange of ideas, feelings, thoughts, laughter, and energy. It’s about sharing presence as we sit together.

When working on naming the restaurant, we chose ELA to pay homage to the neighborhood where it is located, Elandsgracht, Amsterdam, and because it also evoked the aura of a Mediterranean grandmother. The accompanying tagline, An All-Day Kind of Thing, alludes to the openness of the restaurant toward its customers as a little haven where locals and visitors could gather to share good food, ideas, feelings, and music. The photos for ELA’s branding reflect the simplicity of a beautiful ingredient and how Mediterranean dishes are not about quantity but quality and integrity.

Client: ELA Restobar

Role: Communication Strategy, Copywriting, Naming, and Photography

Agency: ANDOTHERS Studio


Creative Direction and interior design by ANDOTHERS Studio
Art direction and graphic design by Claudia Pastori
Set design by Laura Veciana
Photo assistance by José Lorrue