Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out does really impactful work. They are a New York-based culture strategy service for growing teams. They talk to employees confidentially, find the patterns in their feedback, then use the insights they uncover to make work more rewarding for everyone. They mix human insights with data to develop strategies that can create a real impact in the workplace. Most importantly, they make a safe space for employees to express themselves and listen to what they have to say with care.

The brand needed to appeal equally well to employees, senior executives, and HR leaders, all of whom have very different needs, motivations, and concerns. Together with the brand’s founder, Benjamin Jackson, I developed the brand strategy, tone of voice, and naming. We had to ensure that the tone of voice of the brand could be human enough to resonate with employees and strategic enough to appeal to senior executives and HR leaders.

Client: Hear Me Out

Role: Brand Strategy, Storytelling, and Naming


Design and Creative Direction by Benjamin Jackson